Should I Pre-book An Airport Transfer?

Embarking on a holiday should always fill you with anticipation and excitement, and not stress or worry. That’s the philosophy we embrace at My Holiday Transfers. We are a distinguished airport transfer service provider, serving Leicester and its surrounding regions. We aim to initiate your journey on a high note – stress-free, comfortable, and luxurious. At My Holiday Transfers, we take pride in our competent, dedicated, and professional service. Our modern, plush fleet of vehicles undergoes regular maintenance and checks, ensuring maximum safety and cleanliness for our valued passengers. These state-of-the-art vehicles, combined with our experienced and courteous chauffeurs, ensure that every ride you take with us is synonymous with comfort, luxury, and punctuality.


Should I Pre-book?

The most overwhelming advantage of using My Holiday Transfers stems from the incredible ease that our pre-booking service affords. Our quick, user-friendly reservation system lets you secure your transport to the airport well in advance, even with a tight schedule. The timeless debate between trying to flag down a cab and confirming yourself a reliable ride home before you’ve even packed is easily solved by our pre-booking feature. By pre-booking your airport transfer, you can incorporate your travel expenses into your holiday budget without any fear of last-minute price hikes or unexpected surges. Knowing your comfortable, timely ride to the airport is arranged, you can focus all your energy on the thrills of your upcoming holiday!



Opting for our airport transfer service over driving to the airport yourself comes with a plethora of benefits. To begin with, the sheer level of convenience that we offer remains unparalleled. Saying goodbye to the stress of navigating heavy traffic, finding ways around roadblocks, or clock watching fearing you might miss your flight makes your travel experience vastly more enjoyable and peaceful. Our team of professional drivers has an intimate knowledge of local routes, ensuring you travel the most efficient path to reach the airport promptly. Let us navigate the city’s intricacies while you sit back and anticipate the adventures that await you on your holiday. Parking at airports is another headache we can entirely remove from your travel experience. The expense of parking and the uncertainty about your car’s safety during your absence can dampen your holiday spirit. Choosing My Holiday Transfers means there is no need for you to leave your precious car in an airport parking lot for days.


Comfort & The Environment

Comfort is another important reason to choose our airport transfer service over driving yourself to the airport. Why tire yourself with a long drive and struggle with luggage when you can let us manage that for you? Our capacious vehicles are designed to accommodate you and your luggage comfortably. You can relax, read, catch a nap, or even engage in some last-minute travel arrangements while we smoothly drive you to the airport. Lastly, let’s not forget the environmental factor. By opting for our transfer service, you are indirectly reducing the number of vehicles on the road, thereby reducing carbon emissions significantly. Every ride with us is an act of contributing to environmental sustainability.

In conclusion, emulating the convenience, safety, and luxury of My Holiday Transfers airport transfer service in Leicester is a daunting task for others. With us, your journey starts on the right note, promising an exceptional travel escape from the onset. Let us ensure your holiday spirit soars even before you board the flight. Consider My Holiday Transfers for your upcoming trip and enjoy a holiday experience that is just as pleasing during transit as at the destination.


So here’s to a smooth flight and easy transfer! Happy Holidays!